Has it been a month?

Time has certainly gone by. I apologize for keeping quiet as of late, but some things have been going on in my life that have kept me incredibly preoccupied.

For starters, my father recently fell off of a ladder and landed on a driveway. He's more or less okay, but he's broken several bones in his left side. Because of that, I've moved into his house and have been taking care of him.
On top of that, after taking him to the emergency room once again, the doctors discovered blood clots throughout his legs. For those unfamiliar with blood clots, they have a very real risk of killing someone if they break loose. Needless to say, I was (and am) incredibly worried.
He requires constant care at the moment, though he's just recently been able to spend a few hours alone so long as several precautions are taken beforehand. He's on blood thinners for the clots, and he's had an external fixator (a bar literally bolted to your bone) removed from his forearm and wrist.
He's recovering, but it will take time.

That being said, I will still be attending Dark Arts in Whitby come October. I'm very excited for it. Karen Ruffles of Drawing in Dark and myself are once-again teaming up to bring you an illustrated story. This one will only be available at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival, so do come by and see us.

More stories are on their way to those who support me via my Patreon page. Again, I'm sorry for the long absence, but I will make up for it.

Progress on Moribund continues, though with everything going on at the moment and now the trip overseas, I'm wary to commit to it being out this year. I'm sorry. I could rush it, but that would make a poor book for you and a miserable experience for me, and nobody wants that.

My cats, Chronos and Clotho, are now living with me while I stay at my dad's house. It's a bit tricky, because my dad is incredibly allergic to cats. Unfortunately, it means that they must stay in the basement for the time being. I'll be taking them on walks to get some fresh air from time to time, but at least this way they get to be kept company by me and I can keep track of them.

Otherwise, things are proceeding fairly well. My current day job as a bartender is fantastic. Who knew that I would enjoy being paid to pour drinks and talk to people? Go figure.

Until next time, enjoy a picture of my cat Chronos sitting on top of my dad's train-set (that he's been working on for roughly 50 years) and being smug about the destruction he's achieved. I imagine I'll owe my dad a bit of money and time spent repairing things before this all comes to an end.

~Sean Walter