Birthdays, discounts, and other things

To address the topic line: my birthday is this month. On the 20th, in fact. I will be the completely ambiguous age of thirty-one. To be honest, I had to think about that. Once you get past about twenty-five, the point of counting your age seems pointless and redundant. It's almost like you want to decorate your cake with the words, "Happy Birthday! Another One!"

But I digress. Me and birthdays don't get along. As far back as I can remember, I've always been cursed with bad birthdays. Sometimes just small problems (people not being able to show up to any kind of event, car breaking down, being exceedingly ill, etc), but every now and then I have those personal tragedies that everyone gets from time to time. One year, I found out my Gramma had Parkinson's disease. The next year, my mother forgot when I was born. a couple years late, my grandfather died the very night before (it was 2 hours before midnight on the 19th. Suffice it to say, I didn't feel much like celebrating).

I've had friends that attempt to improve my birthdays, and sometimes, every great while, it even works. But even when they succeed, it feels almost cheap, somehow. I don't know. Perhaps I don't do birthdays correctly.


The only reason I bring any of this up is that I want to do something for my birthday–something involving my work and my literature. So, for the rest of the month, I'm going to be having a sale on my work through this website. Any of my literature (and this includes the wonderful art-piece/short story combination) on the website will be discounted 31%. This discount will start now and end on January 6th, at 11:59pm (pacific time-zone, mind you), which is, I believe, 31 days from now. 
It seemed to fit. Just enter the code "Birthday2016" without the quotes during checkout.


Now that's out of the way, I also wanted to mention that I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a new short story that will be available for free as soon as it's finished. It's holiday-themed... kind of. Sort of.
Okay, so there's some blood. And a wolf. Also a sacrifice takes place.
Like I said, holiday themed.

Progress continues on both my super-secret project (you'll love it) and on Moribund. I'm currently in editing for it, which means that I've read it so much at this point that I hate it, but I also love it. It's like having an adorable puppy that won't stop shitting in your shoes. It'll still be cute later on, but right now, something is squishing between my toes...

Right, that's all I have for you for the moment.

Until next time.
~Sean Walter

My night has been going exactly like this

I've been having some compression issues with this image, so hopefully it uploads without incident this time.

Of course, if it doesn't, I can always delete this and pretend I never did a blog tonight...

Back from the UK and feeling charged.

So, I'm freshly back from Whitby and the wonderful people there. I had an amazing time at Dark Arts, and I would like to thank everyone whom I met during the event and after. Whitby was extraordinarily beautiful. Although I had no time to actually do any of the usual tourist activities, I did see the interior of many fine pubs. The beer in the UK is excellent, and unlike a lot of the beer served in the US. I also found many of the small differences in language and mannerisms fascinating. Anyone who has any questions on my experience there has my permission to ask me about it. 

I managed to spend 2 weeks (roughly) in Whitby, and a day-trip to Scarborough to get some signed copies of "A Glimpse into Madness" to the wonderful people at The Wonder Emporio. I'm told the books are fitting in quite nicely with the various amazing oddities of the shop, and I highly recommend anyone who passes through Scarborough to visit. Be sure to pet the two-headed rabbit. It likes it.

This trip left me feeling creatively charged, and progress is being made on various projects at once. People who follow my Patreon page will soon have a recording of "The Night the Dolls Came" for their listening pleasure, gratis. It's nowhere near the quality of the eventual audiobook, but it's a start. I hope you enjoy it.

I have more to say, but it's getting late, and I've some recording to do. I'll post another blog tomorrow, likely full of my opinions on the current political situation in the United States.

Until then,

~Sean Walter

Good News, Everyone!

As indicated in the title, I have Good News, and it's for Everyone!

After a year long struggle with trying to figure out how, exactly, the files for my hard-bound edition of "A Glimpse into Madness" managed to disappear from anyone's database, the files have been found! (Yay!)
And, after a year, it turns out they're the wrong files entirely (less yay).
On the plus side, I was able to correct them (semi-yay) and the hard-bound trade edition of "A Glimpse into Madness" will, in fact, be seeing the light of day in the next month or two. Possibly sooner (yay for real this time). And I should even have copies available while I'm in Whitby for the Bram Stoker International Film Festival (double yay).

Progress on Moribund continues, and I'm hopeful that it will be out in the first half of 2017. The ending is proving troublesome, because that's the nature of endings, but I'm hopeful that I'll have it completed and edited soon. Work continues.
In the next few months, I'll likely be looking for beta-readers for it. Beta-readers have the honor of reading a near-final copy of the book and giving it the outside-view–that is to say, they get to tell me where I was too wrapped up in the story to actually make sense. I'll be looking for a wide-range of people, so if you're interested, please email me: with the title line of "Beta-reader Application." Please include your name, any profiles you have in social media, any experience you have as a reader (yes, those stacks of off-the-wall novels next to your bed count), and if you're familiar with my past work.


As far as my personal life goes, I'm still living at my father's house, taking care of him after an accident left him with a mostly-broken left side in May. He's recovering slowly, but surely, and I'm incredibly happy with every iota of progress he's made. I sincerely appreciate all of the friends and fans of my work who have asked me about his condition over the last months, and for all offers of help. I'm stubborn, but appreciative of all of your efforts.

That about wraps it up on this end. I'm off to edit.

~Sean Walter