"A Glimpse Into Madness by Sean Walter is one of those few buried treasures that once unearthed, define part of your life. I was very intrigued by the cover art and even more so by the progressive expression within the stories. The gloom behind each page presents a dreary world resembling a house with faded paint and dimly lit windows that has trapped the ashen souls of the once vibrant and living who now cling to the tattered remains of the pleasant world of which we envelope ourselves. And it is in that desolation that you find the truth about pieces of life that you never thought to question. These shards of candor are meticulously woven into the fabric of each and every story. The turn of each page offers a glimpse into a world full of fictional characters that allow the reader to learn something about themselves they may have never taken the time to see. If this book truly is A Glimpse Into Madness, I would like to buy that faded and dimly lit house as it feels like home. "

~Geeves on Powells.com

5/5 stars

"This book is a thoroughly entertaining romp with things out of the ordinary. The stories here will make you think twice about the seemingly mundane & ordinary things & people you know. It's like reality got twisted & thrust into the dark. Love the stories!"

~Marci Richie Wright on Goodreads.com

4/5 stars

""A Glimpse Into Madness" is a wonderful collection of short stories. The tales start off short in the beginning and only continue to get better as you read on. There are brilliant characters and unexpected details throughout the book. Some of the stories will scare you, others will make you laugh, some will leave you empathizing with Lucifer, and some will break your heart. Overall "A Glimpse Into Madness" will leave you saying "I'm glad I read this". "

~Adrie on Amazon.com

5/5 stars

"These short stories are perfect little escape capsules, each one leaving you exclaiming "Whaaaaat the amazing heck did I just I just read!?".
I've been reading a story during each work break that I take, and I find myself counting down the hours until my next indulgence!

Recommended for enjoyers of creepy, nightmarish, 'wtf' story lovers.

I can't wait to read more from Sean Walter."

~Ramona on Amazon.co.uk

5/5 stars