Book making and jobs.

Leather books are a hassle to construct well, to be completely honest. They take time to sew them all correctly, then to glue them to make sure nothing will ever come undone, getting the page groups (known as signatures) to line up correctly... it's a lot of work. However, I must say, I can't argue with the results. The books are turning out gorgeous. I'll have several available on the site as soon as they are complete. Currently I'm working on back orders for them, since the glue I use (non-staining, non-acidic, lasts for decades) was unavailable for a long while due to the storms on the east coast.

For those who don't know, I work quite a bit. I have a full time job that is often more than full time, I write, I do my own editing, I run this website, my facebook, twitter, etc., and I also do freelance work for people who need a writer or editor. I also do security for Kato of and many of the models she works with, which is why I'm usually with them at conventions.  I don't often sleep, but I do drink coffee by the gallon. Lately, since it's been nice, I've also been moving people in and out of houses. Being a large individual means that I get asked first, usually. With all this going on, it does sometimes take me a few days to get book orders out to customers. I do usually get them out within 2-3 days of them being ordered, and if there's a rush order I will try my best to get it out that same day or the next, but sometimes I simply can't. I hope you all understand.

I'm still working on an audiobook edition for "A Glimpse into Madness," which I will have for sale as soon as it is finished. I've had some setbacks with it as of late, mostly having to do with sound quality. I don't believe in cheap products, and refuse to sell them to my readers. It takes longer, sometimes, but it's worth the wait.

Over in facebook-land, I'll be doing a giveaway of several signed copies of "A Glimpse into Madness" once the page reaches 500 likes, plus one of those 5 will also receive a random item from my own collection. It's sure to be interesting. Check out my facebook for details.


And now, if you'll excuse me, I must be getting on with editing "Moribund." My main character's psychosis has become even more interesting, and the support characters are getting their own plots.