Secret Projects

I recently put up a post on various social media outlets. In it, I called for anyone with artistic abilities to contact me if they were interested in helping me to create nightmares. I only got one serious response, but what a response!

It came from a woman in the U.K. who has the same fascination with the bizarre and macabre as I do, and with the added benefit of being able to show you what I can only tell. I'd like to introduce you all to Karen Ruffles at Drawing in Dark. She has agreed to do a collaboration with me on an upcoming short story release that I'm quite certain you're all going to enjoy. In the future, we may even be working together to bring visuals to past stories. Her work evokes the same feelings in me as the original artwork for "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark," of which I was a huge fan. 

If you're interested, she has a storefront at 

Do give it a look. You won't be disappointed.