I don't always update my blog, but when I do...

...I use it to announce a new Kickstarter campaign for the production of a brand-new illustrated short horror anthology!

This project, in partnership with the always talented Drawing in Dark (who did this wonderful artwork, among others) is going to be ran through the month of October. All rewards are laid out, but we may be adding new ones as the month goes on, just to keep things interesting.

Keep in mind that there is one story that will only ever appear in this Kickstarter as a reward, and never again anywhere else. It's just our way of making this extra special.

In other news, Moribund is still progressing. I'm writing both the horror anthology (titled Tales in Somber Tones, by the way) and finishing Moribund at the same time, because I hate having free-time, evidently.

I'm incredibly excited and can't wait to share with you all these new books.

Until next time,

~Sean Walter