I've not forgotten you

I promise. I've been overwhelmingly busy as of late. I spent 7 hours last night writing and editing in a small coffee shop nearby my house, and it was the first time in weeks that I'd had time to. That's a depressing state of affairs for a writer. But last night was special. I was writing for about an hour when I suddenly, frighteningly, couldn't anymore. I had written myself into a corner.
There was a madman who didn't know he was mad, and his dashboard clock blinked at him when he wasn't looking, but never while he watched, and it was a perfect allegory for his own style of insanity, and then it just wouldn't work anymore. He had killed his friend, Paul, who kept asking him to get him up off of the floor, but the madman didn't pay him much attention. He was in the shower, washing blood from his hair and arms, and he didn't know it was blood, and suddenly I couldn't go on. I didn't know what came next. I had written myself into a corner.
So I backed up a bit, and this time he was going to go for a walk before he took a shower, still covered in blood, and he took Paul's car to make his dashboard clock jealous, but I had no idea where he would go.
The story is still sitting there, in my journal, unfinished, looking at me as I write this. I hope I will finish it, someday. I'm curious about what will happen when he discovers he's killed his best friend.

After that, I spent several hours editing "Moribund" - the upcoming book that is the sneak preview in the back of "A Glimpse into Madness." I managed to go through 2 whole chapters, making some rather crucial changes, and seeing things I wrote almost three years ago, now. Some of them I had forgotten, utterly, and reading it was as much a surprise as it was an editing session. I discovered, to my amazement, that while three years ago I had very little idea of where to put a period in a quote, I had some very touching moments to write about, and very disturbing ones, and forgetting them has made them all the more real. I loved that.

Tonight, I will be making another video recording. A very short story, I think, though I'm not sure which I'll be doing just yet. I should probably practice...

Until next time.

~Sean Walter