A Gift for you all

The time has come. I've been told this is a rather insane way to promote my work, but then I am a writer. I feel like slowly losing my mind is expected of me.

To that end, I would like to announce that the first 70 people who order from my website with the promo code "GiveAway70" (remove the quotes) will receive $9.99 off their entire order. Incidentally, that's the entire price of my book. One might even say I'm giving away 70 books for the cost of shipping.

Yes, one might say exactly that.

Why am I giving away roughly $700 in books?
Simple. I feel that if someone reads my book of short stories, they will be more likely to read my future books as well. Besides, I love having people read my stories. I adore hearing how they made people feel. As for the $700 thing, I thought it appropriate.

Why isn't it just free?
Well, it is, kind of. See, I am in the writing business, and in that business one does not tend to make it rich unless one is both very talented and very lucky. Now, I grant you, I would like nothing more than to make a living off of my work, but right now I'm broke. By paying for shipping you are simply covering my costs to send it to you. Nothing more.

What about signed copies?
Signed copies will still have a $9.99 discount applied to them. Signed copies also come with bookmarks, take a little more time to get everything together, and I like to try to do something special with signed orders, so I'm afraid the extra few dollars for signed copies will have to stay. The extra cost is paying for the extra time I put into them. I hope nobody minds.

What about international orders?
People outside the United States will have to email me (SeanWalter.Author@Gmail.com) for shipping rates. I will try my best to find the cheapest way to send it to them. However, unless you are set on a signed copy, I would recommend ordering a copy from your local bookstore or on Amazon instead. It will be cheaper by around half.

That's all. Really. No catch. You don't even have to follow my page if you don't want to. I just want my words to reach as many people as possible. It would make me happy beyond measure.

Once again, the promo code to enter upon checkout is "GiveAway70" for the first 70 orders. After that, I'm pulling the plug. I'll likely even number the books, just for fun. Good luck to each of you. And I hope you enjoy my work.